Alcatel OT-E221 - Your Signature Style in Color

The ALCATEL OT-E221 is a phone distinct for its delicate clamshell design. All you need in style and color is already available in the ALCATEL OT-E221.

True to its form, the ALCATEL OT-E221’s smooth and compact design surely fits comfortably in your hand as you flip through its features- its elegance hidden within.  This charming clamshell phone has concealed LED indicators so that your mobile phone lights up to notify you of any calls or messages received.

Discover outstanding features of the ALCATEL OT-E221. The phone’s dynamic keypad has its own striking red backlight for making SMS creation and phone dialing easier on the eye. The phone’s vivid 65k TFT screen adds a vibrant edge to the visual display this phone can offer you.

The ALCATEL OT-E221 is your signature style clamshell colored phone. Priced just right for its function and design, with the ALCATEL OT-E221 elegance is achieved for a reasonable price.

Versatile Telecoms International Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the Alcatel mobile phones. For inquiries about the new model, please call 4000.336 or 4000.338.
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