The Alcatel OT-S692 is The Ultimate Multimedia Phone

A thrifty phone that’s worth only your money’s change, the OT-S692 is affordable for all mobile users wanting a multimedia phone that is easy to navigate and completely functional. Complete with an FM Radio, a music player and a VGA camera, its interactive user interface makes for a good buy.

Purchase the OT-S692 to enjoy the ultimate music advantage thru its FM Radio and Music Player. Listen to crystal clear music or to your favorite radio stations via the phone’s built in speakers or through its own headset. You can even attach speakers to your OT-S692 so you can share your sounds with a crowd.

The OT-S692 also has its own VGA camera to complement the phone’s 1.8” inch color screen. This makes photo flashbacks and video playbacks dynamic and vibrant for the user to enjoy.  

For storage, the OT-S692 can hold up to 2GB worth of files with an expandable memory card. At that rate you can store as many audio, video and picture files as you wish. Even file sharing is made possible with the OT-S692’s USB connectivity capability.

Different mediums packed into one compact candy bar phone. The OT-S692’s key entertainment features assure a high quality multimedia experience. The ALCATEL OT-S692 is the ultimate in multimedia entertainment for a price so low it’s only worth your money’s change.

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